Paris Hilton / Ann Coulter Compared and Contrasted

Since nobody took me up on my offer to take this as a post, I will start.

Feel free to join in, this will probably be an ongoing thing.

  • Ann is blonde, Paris is blonde
  • Ann uses polysyllabic words, paris doesn’t
  • Paris can strut, Ann never walks
  • Paris knows how to pose, Ann can’t keep her mouth shut
  • Ann’s body language is “I’ll eat your babies.” Paris’s is “I want to make babies.”
  • Ann knows who’s president, Paris does too
  • Ann knows who is Secretary of State, Paris knows who the president is
  • Paris has a dog, Ann will call you a dog
  • Ann reads books, Paris has a book
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Paris Hilton / Ann Coulter Compared and Contrasted — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, since when have you started doing tame? How about Coulter and Rosie O’Donnell? Then you have fat vs. slim, brunette vs. blond, big mouth vs. bigger mouth, ….