The Danger of Cross Breeding Dogs

Kimberly Blog has pointed out the dangers of cross breeding dogs.  The breed new name one might struggle with.

2. When you combine 2 different types of pure breds, you can change the name of the outcome breed. e.g. Pug and Beagle = puggle, Cocker Spaniel and Poodle = cockapoo.

We have a Yorkie and Maltese mix, therefore a Morkie.

She has a Cocker Spaniel and Shih Tzu. She says if they mate, you couldn’t say the name on network TV.  She didn’t elaborate, but I’m guessing, Cocka Shiht?

Here are some other breeds you might not want to cross because of naming problems:

Pit Bull + Rottweiler = Pit Rot

Poodle + Boxer = Poo Boxer

Bichon Frise + Malamute = Bichon Mute (pronounced bitchin’ mute)

Chow-Chow + Basset Hound = chow hound of course

Saint Bernard + Schnauzer = Saint Schnauzer

Any Hairless + Brittany Spaniel = Hairless Brittany

Come on, dog lovers, give me your cross breeding no-nos.

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