Web Designers: Don’t Condescend to Boomers

Immersion Active has established a interactive site which supposedly is to help web designers deal with aging boomer eyes and deteriorating motor skills.

…dissection of a hypothetical website from the perspective of aging users and covers everything from designing with high-contrast colors, to information density on pages, to choosing good imagery.

Guess what designers: Good design is good design (period.) Go through the first part of the demo and tell me that a person of any age, wouldn’t like the “fixed” site much better.

Here’s what the thirty year old blogger at techfold.com said.

Even if you’re not designing a boomer-targeted website, most of the lessons are applicable to any project.

Hell, I’m only 30, and I’ve had enough 6pt fonts already.

Is there anybody on the web that isn’t ready to have 6pt. fonts disappear along with flash landing pages?

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Web Designers: Don’t Condescend to Boomers — 6 Comments

  1. I get grief occasionally because I have a dark background and white words on my blog, but the original design was given to me free by a professional designer and I’m too cheap to buy a new one.

    6pt fonts are eeeeeeevil. Even for us 30-somethings.

  2. Thanks for support. You know as I look at this site, it’s really pretty poor because it’s small light blue font on white. It’s a theme, so maybe I need to poke around and see what’s out there.

  3. Do that, please. One could go blind trying to read the links on the right side. On the other side of things, a senior (as distinguished from boomer) friend has a super large font on her site. I find that almost as frustrating. The same with Seniors Grand Central.

  4. Thanks, the post did some good! I’m not crazy about large fonts either, like Savvy Boomer.