World’s Foremost Scientist Passes According to Bloggers

The thought crossed my mind that I would write something about Mr. Wizard being electrocuted in his hospital bed when he spilled his cranberry juice.

But I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t because every other friggin’ boomer (and others) have written about it.

Blogsearched on “Mr. Wizard” and got a ton of hits. Most of them linked to an obit and made a comment or nine.

First of all, about a hundred had basically the same headline. Mr. Wizard dies or dead or passes or Don Herbert 1917-2007, or other such orginality.

I watched the old poop too. But come on bloggers, he didn’t invent the A Bomb or invent Mustard Gas or Dynamite, or anything that would kill you. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone was ever hurt in his lab.

It’s no place close to Mythbusters.

Here are some of the ones that struck me as over the top.

Mr. Wizard Remembered

8 hours ago by Sam
Don Herbert, for me, will always be “Mr. Wizard.” He was a great scientist and instructor and an even better human being — one of my generation’s greatest teachers and we will miss him. “Mr. Wizard” dead at 89.
Slice of Scifi – http://www.sliceofscifi.comReferences

God Takes Mr. Wizard: No Scientific Explanation Needed

9 hours ago by Jon Swift
God took Mr. Wizard this week. Scientists will tell you he died “after a long battle with multiple myeloma,” whatever that is. But the only explanation you really need is that God decided it was time. Don Herbert, who used science to
Jon Swift –

Mr. Wizard Ascends to the Great Lab in the Sky

4 hours ago
Don Herbert, whom many Boomers know as Mr. Wizard, died Tuesday. I vividly remember watching this gentle man, on our black-and-white TV every Saturday morning in the early 1960s, demonstrate one cool science experiment after another.
BusinessWeek Online — Tech Beat –, Mr. Wizard

the martini shaker* – http://blog.3rdmartini.comDavid Halberstam and Mr. Wizard.

6 hours ago by preaprez
As a young kid I was constantly amazed at what Mr. Wizard could make happen mixing every day liquids and substances. He had these two kids on the show, proxies for me, that were famous for saying, “Gee, Mr. Wizard. Why does that happen?
PREA Prez – http://preaprez.wordpress.commr wizard

The Original TV Geek Dork Bites Kicks It

2.34 hours ago by apolectic
Genius scientist and strikelingly handsome mr. wizard (don herbert) failed the final experiment today at the age of 189. I loved mr. wizard, I wanted to grow up to be mr. wizard, but my Mother wouldn’t hear of it because only boys like science. I asked him to adopt me but he filed a restraining order keeping me on state away
apolectic –

OK, I made up that last one. Thank you for dying Don Herbert – Mr. Wizard, and giving us pathetic bloggers something to write about.

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World’s Foremost Scientist Passes According to Bloggers — 3 Comments

  1. Mr. Wizard’s World was like, the ultimate of treats when we’d go to our Town Cousins’s house. We were country kids with three channels – they got CABLE. We were utterly mesmerized by Mr. Wizard’s calm voice and cool experiments and our cousins would sit and sigh because they were jaded. Just jaded. Ingrates.

    RIP, Mr. Wizard. RIP.