An Admiring Plug for a Boomer-caster

Grandad at launched his first podcast today.

P.S. For those of you without sound cards or whatever, you can try lip reading…

I only know Grandad through his blog, but I’m so proud, I could just spit.  He has a great voice and his stories will be even funnier as he can add his personality to the telling.

Wander over and listen to Grandad, then put him in your reader, because there will be some good story-telling coming our way.  He has invested heavily in this technology and we all owe him our support gratitude ears.

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An Admiring Plug for a Boomer-caster — 2 Comments

  1. Holy Cow!

    You are setting the bar very high, and I doubt I can live up to that level of advertising. After all, all you heard so far is me messing around with a bit of music!

    But I’ll do my best, whenever Herself isn’t hogging the equipment 😉