Back Up the Bus, and Back Up the Butts.

For Redneck Diva

“Back up the the bus and back up the butts boys for boosters,” Barnaby bellowed, “because a bumblebee from Berkeley’s bioscience and bacteriology bunker has become bisexual.”

Before Benjamin and I bought our bellyfull of bourbon, we balked. “But, but, the Bolivans bombed Berkeley,” we bawled.

Baron Benjamin had bequeathed his beloved bisque bison to his brother Bartholmew in Brooklyn. His baroness bride, the bodacious Bambi, basically beguiled a benign bachelor Bedouin for the bisque bison before their betrothal.

“Bare the burly business,” we been betrayed,” Barnaby blustered. “By the by, bisque bisons became blacklisted from the burrough.” The bisons became blackballed because a Bordeaux bookbinder blamed a bombastic bootlegger for bringing the bug borne buffalo.

Beetles, blowfish, bats, bedbugs, even bullfrogs, buzzed Berkeley. But, the Boer bodyguard bailed for Balkan bloodmoney. Baltic bees bowdlerized Berkeley. Bisque bisons were banned.

Who to blame?


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Back Up the Bus, and Back Up the Butts. — 4 Comments

  1. You did it!! I knew you would!!

    So am I to consider this an entry to this week’s writing challenge, or did you just write it to taunt me?? 🙂

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