Boomer Rapper Helps Bury N Word – Problem Solved

The National Association of Colored People (NAACP) is meeting in DEEtroit. I grew up near there and always called it Dehtroit. They have decided to bury pimps and hos and the N word.

I didn’t know Rap had been around for 35 years, but Kurtis Blow, one of the pall bearers for the N word says he has been a rapper and done hip hop music for 35 years.

So boomers can now accept the responsibility for inventing Rap and Hip Hop too. We were such a creative generation. Rock and Roll AND Hip and Hop.

I’m really glad that Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson buried the N word. It’s those types that aggravate me when they use it willy-nilly. Even the governor of Michigan made a sacrifice and participated.

“Good riddance to this vestige of slavery and racism, and say hello to a new country that invests in all its people,” (Gov.) Granholm said. She said she was proud the event was taking place in Michigan.

During the service, (DEEtroit Mayor) Kilpatrick urged black men to stand tall and stop disrespecting themselves and black women.

“You can’t just bury the N-word. You have to bury all the nonsense that comes with it,” Kilpatrick said. “Good riddance. Die N-word. We don’t want to see you around here no more.”

Honorary pallbearers at the funeral were hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow; R&B singer Eddie Levert; Daryl Matthews, general president of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and Olrick Johnson Jr., a former NFL player.

They were not joined by freedom singer Charles Neblett who suffered beatings and spent time in a notorius prison for trying to make it possible for African-Americans to sit a lunch counter or attend a university or ride a bus.

When Neblett was 14 his world would be forever changed by the news of the death of Emmett Till, a boy his own age whose body was found in Mississippi after being lynched for whistling at a white woman.

Two years later Neblett would see Martin Luther King Jr. on television and for the first time see groups of blacks rising up against racism. He knew he was destined to join them and it would only be a couple of years before he marched beside them.

But gotta give credit to those leaders in DEEtroit, it was probably hot and they were walking after all.

“Today, I’m truly happy at a funeral,” Blow said. “I’m living proof that it’s possible to rap or do hip-hop and not offend anyone.”

There. It’s all settled now. The NAACP has buried the N word. Kurtis Blow has declared the problem solved. No more N word. Don Imus has been fired.

NAACP president Julian Bond set a high standard when he declared,

While we are happy to have sent a certain radio cowboy back to his ranch, we ought to hold ourselves to the same standard,” Bond said. “If he can’t refer to our women as ‘hos,’ then we shouldn’t either.”

So what’s the next letter of the alphabet we need to bury to solve a problem?

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Boomer Rapper Helps Bury N Word – Problem Solved — 2 Comments

  1. I like this ‘blog’. I see your humor.

    I do not have any suggestions as to what other letters that we need to bury to solve a (this) problem, however, there are some words that may need to be removed (pronounced) to solve problems.

    (1) DEEtriot (I understand the DEE) , should be pronounced as Detroit.
    (2) No, in this instance,should be changed to any.
    (3) Can we change the word ‘pre-owned’, back to used?
    (4) Can we get the ‘progressives’, to use the ‘liberal’ word to describe themselves again?

  2. Hi Turbine, welcome.
    1. I think it should be deh-twa to recognize the French.
    2. Yes! The governor might just have well said “we doh wanna see ya no mo.”
    3. Car dealers just fooling themselves.
    4. Ok by me.

    Thanks for you thoughts.