Bubba Golf Shirts? No Thanks.

Here’s a trend I can’t wait to get in on, wearing Bubba golf shirts.

Picture bubba in your head. Is he anywhere near a golf course? Is he anywhere near short grass? how about any grass? does he even have a shirt on? does it have sleeves?

We all know bubbas, some of my best friends are bubbas. I have a golf club called a Bubba. Larry the Cable Guy is Bubba. Junior Samples is a dead Bubba.

Not Bubba Watson. Who? You didn’t know either? Good. He placed 5th in the U.S. Open. 77th on the World Golf list. Graduated from Faulkner State Community College. You know, a player that you would want to design your golf shirts around.

“He reflects our customer. He’s a regular guy with a great personality,” Howard Schacter, chief partnership officer of Steve & Barry’s, said. “He’s a guy’s guy. He’s a bit irreverent. But when he’s on that course, it’s serious.”

But Schacter doesn’t think that Watson would feel quite right in traditional golf garb, such as an argyle sweater.

Hey Schac: nobody feels quite right in an argyle sweater, unless you are bud_selig_argyle_sweater.jpg

Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball

“Frequent golfer men probably have 20-40 golf shirts in their closets at home. Their wives are saying, ‘If you bring one in, one has to go out,’ ” Cox said. “I think they’re going to want to bring them home from the places they’ve played.”

If they are frequent golfers and have 40 golf shirts, they are 1. unmarried, or 2. about to be unmarried. Even guys who wear golf shirts to work (lucky dogs) won’t have that many golf shirts – THAT FIT. Throw out my Snake Hollow Golf and Swamp Buggy Ride shirt? Never.

Bubba! Endorse something that either reflects who are are or your name, you can’t do both. Just can’t see Larry the Cable Guy in a polo shirt. Plaid? No problem, even a Toledo Mud Hens jersey, or a hoodie! But noway is Bubba gonna be caught dead in a polo shirt. No golfer is gonna be caught dead in a polo shirt with a Bubba logo:





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Bubba Golf Shirts? No Thanks. — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t have to picture Bubba in my head – he’s in my living room in his recliner.

  2. Bubba Golf Shirts? I say hell yes! If I can get kick as Hi Tech golf shirts for under ten bucks, then WTF? Hell I can buy 4 for the price of one f’ing Nike shirt! Bubba Windshirts and the other gear, all high quality as good as the big guy name brands. If I buy Bubba Golf shirts then I can afford to play golf, and buy more gas, shit, what’s wrong with that?