Dilbert Wants Your Reality Show

Every time I see a new reality show advertised on TV, I think “Why didn’t I think of that?” They’re brilliant in their own way. Their job is to make a lot of people watch television advertising, and they do it well.

Now it’s your turn. Give me the two-sentence pitch for your reality show.

My submission was MEET THE HOCKERS. Every week a different family burgles a house and pawns the loot. At the end of the series the family that is still at large with the biggest cache of cash, wins.

UPDATE: THE TRANSFORMERS. Electrical Utility Linemen are sent up a pole with a transformer rigged to explode when they get their face near it. Points are awarded for distance from pole they land, decibels of scream, and judges pick most disfiguring scars to become THE TRANSFORMER.

UPDATE: AMERICAN COPPER. Mall security guards steal the pennies from the fountain and build a radical parking lot cruiser.

UPDATE: Many of the readers of Dilbert Blog must give Adams ongoing inspiration. He clearly states the two sentence rule, yet commenters ramble on and on and some are serious about their suggestion.

MODERATOR: Humorist clearly states two sentence rule. Those who don’t comply are next weeks MODERATOR.

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Dilbert Wants Your Reality Show — 7 Comments

  1. I’m into the dating shows. Let’s have a 30 year old woman date a bunch of 85 year olds and after she picks one, tell her he’s NOT rich.

  2. “OUT & ABOUT”

    Same-sex couple Steph (an ex-rocker turned classical composer) and Lynette (an opera singer) make lemonade out of lemons in Oklahoma while taking care of a large blended family and working on their dream of an “empty nest” in Vienna.

    Steph – 55, composer and writer (day job: web designer)

    Lynette – 47, opera singer & voice teacher (day job: receptionist at a local real estate office)

    Joel – 36, Steph’s autistic son.

    Micah – 32, Steph’s genius musician son.

    Lauren – 18, Lynette’s over-achieving daughter. Future president of the United States despite her cerebral palsy.

    Heather – 17, Lynette’s bohemian, free-spirited middle child.

    Nathan – 15, Lynette’s skater punk son who will probably be the next Wolfgang Puck.

  3. Wife Swap Uncut

    Two married couples meet and the husbands compare wives. Husband 1 is then allowed to pick three features from the other wife that are then surgically removed and transplanted onto his wife. Likewise husband 2. The first wife to come out of hospital wins.

  4. TheSwissJob: Will there be a sequel to that, where the women get to do the same thing with their husbands? ;>