I Got a Check From Google


Just as I thought the day might pass with me having nothing to say, the old mail boy comes through.

I got my first check ever from Google.  (I was tempted to make the headline more provocative but then it would just seem like spam.) It was a payoff for some Adsense ads I run on another site. $100 is their minimum payment before they will cut a check, so this represents six months of ads and clicks. If anybody cares, my best click thru rate for one day was 17.74%.  In June, I averaged 2.67%


I got a check for $103.70.  Hope it clears, banks closed until Thursday. 

Let’s see $103.70 for six months, that should be about three tanks full of gas for my new Smart car when it comes. Maybe this internet thing is going to catch on.

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I Got a Check From Google — 13 Comments

  1. @Bob, yes, yes. Give me your PayPal password and I will deposit it immediately.

    @Micki, ya know, I think I’ll take tomorrow off!

  2. Wow…if I ever get off of my island here in Oklahoma, how ’bout buying me a beer with your GoogleMoney?

  3. Yes, MaryAnn, as soon as Gilligan and the Skipper get the coconut radio working, the beer is on me.

  4. Kay: thanks, I made a color copy and framed it! I’ll hang it next to my one share of Apple stock (bought when the price was around $20 (it’s at $120 now, going to $200)

  5. Social net? not like you have any competition :-), you need to come up with a clever widget that will run on blogger or wordpress.com.
    Or start awarding badges for Hobnobbers.

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