I Got Your Bigger Boobs Right Here

A San Diego company says it take belly blubber and give anyone bigger breasts.  When Men’s Fitness endorses man boobs, I am ready.  The “weight distribution” can be done in an hour the company claims.

In the meantime, the procedure is recommended as an alternative for silicone.

Targeted initially at cancer patients, the procedure could be introduced across Europe by early next year. No word on whether or when the technique might be approved in the United States.

Minor liposuction removes excess fat from a patient’s stomach or butt, which is then injected into breast tissue. Breasts enlarge (up to two cups sizes, researchers say) over about six months.

If I was a female, and they restributed by belly weight, I’d look something like this:damn.jpg

In the meantime, they are bound to make it possible to be a belly fat donor, so I am working on improving the quality of my belly blubber by experimenting with a diet of M&M’s and Miller Chiller.

Wish me luck.

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I Got Your Bigger Boobs Right Here — 8 Comments

  1. K8: That’s why Fight Club is one of my favorite movies: the message that recycling body fat is good for the earth. It was such an uplifting movie.

  2. I saw a thing about this on TV and since a boob job is in my future (When I’m rich and famous) (Oh, and skinny) I was naturally intrigued. I’m thinking I should donate now, have them freeze my fat like they freeze sperm (bigger containers, though) and then someday I’ll have the phatest kazongas around!

  3. Let’s go in biz together. You be in charge of accumulating and storing the fat, and I’ll preapprove candidates and do post op quality check.