Lemonade Stands Still Around

I am so glad lemonade or Kool-aid stands have not gone away. It’s just so cute to see little kids sitting behind a table – usually drinking whatever they are selling. Usually they will just wave, sometimes they yell as I get close. But I’m already slowing down as soon as I even think they might be little entrepreneurs.

Today, it was three girls behind a small table with a 2 quart pitcher of lemonade.

No sign, they didn’t yell, one just waved.

I got out and approached the table. They were quiet. “Whatcha selling?” “Lemonade, 50 cents a glass.” “I’ll take one.”

The first attempt resulted in a loss of profit. She spilled it. The second I told her to stop pouring at about half way, which really meant it was about 3/4 full. I paid my fifty cents, and left. They were still quiet.

One of my favorite summer time libations is Lynchburg Lemonade.

1 part Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee whiskey
1 part sweet and sour mix
1 part triple sec
4 parts Sprite® soda

Add ice and stir. Garnish with M&M’s.

I’m still waiting for this guy to set up shop outside.


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