Marketing Opportunity: Tats in Pits

Tony Stewart is presumably getting paid a lot of money to wear a uniform that has a message from Old Spice under each armpit of his uniform.

Stewart’s armpit’s message will proclaim “Old Spice Collector Series” (from his right armpit) and “In Stores Now!” (from his left armpit)

After watching some Live Earth acts, here’s a freebie for you major sponsors who are looking for other stupid ways to spend your marketing dollars.

Tats in Pits ™  Pay singers to put tatoos in their arm pits.  They are always raising their arms and it’s one the place free of tats.  Here’s an added bonus idea.  Pay to put your message on the outside of the forearm. When the singer holds up the mic – voila – your message there.

You’re welcome.

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Marketing Opportunity: Tats in Pits — 2 Comments