OK, I am Now Officially One of Those

I know I can’t tell a joke, but I always figured I would GET them.

Well, Rhea at the Boomer Chronicles writes about visiting the town where the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped. She said there was no mention anywhere in town of this fact. She thought she had a good idea.

My brother happens to be friendly with the owner of the biggest restaurant in town. She is a super-sweet woman with a bubbly personality.

Over drinks I suggested she capitalize on the Lindbergh events by offering a dish called the “Lindbergh Baby-Spinach Salad.” Her bubbliness immediately deflated. She demurred and said she didn’t want to bring up a ’sad event’ like that one.

So I commented that I agreed with the woman and that trying to profit from that event was not a good idea and huzzah for them.

Well, Rhea was kidding.

GoingLikeSixty: It IS refreshing. You get that I’m totally joking, right? I think it’s amazing that the town has not done a thing to make money off this terrible event.

Well, no Rhea, I didn’t get it. And I’m really bummed that I didn’t get it because I just read this at 50+digital:

“The research indicates that because older adults may have greater difficulty with cognitive flexibility, abstract reasoning and short-term memory, they also have greater difficulty with tests of humor comprehension.”

Their research was done on age 65+.

Well, Rhea, they made a joke in their headline that I didn’t get. So I commented,

BTW: I didn’t get it. Or was that the joke, that there was no joke? Ferd’nand wasn’t funny, so the connection wasn’t funny?

I need to see my therapist.

Well, Rhea, I still have my cognitive flexibility. It’s right with my car keys, and I always know where they are, unless I don’t. They are never lost, just misplaced. I usually find them. Sometimes it takes a while. But I find them. Now what was I writing about?

Well, Rhea, I agree with the author of the 50+ post.

The material just wasn’t that good.

UPDATE: Even the President gets bad material. Glad he has a good editor. A part of his speech welcoming the press to their new briefing room a photographer took a picture of the speech as it was laying on the podium.

…the speech has been marked up and includes a large “X” through this section: “And there’s no truth to the rumor some of those new seats can be ejected by pressing a button at Tony’s podium.”

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