Putting the Fun in Funding for Retirement

Part of being a boomer is having to be somewhat prudent with savings/investments. But I found out it doesn’t have to be all charts and financials.

Indulge me, I don’t think I’m steering you wrong. This is about entertainment too.

I watch a daily video blog called Wallstrip.com because I think the actress that does the blog is easy to look at and very talented. (She had a bit part on the Sopranos as Anthony’s teacher.) She’s done commercials for Hallmark, Miller Genuine Draft, Volvo, Earthlink, Netscape, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Infamil, and The Learning Channel.

Lindsay Campbell – remember that name.

Every episode is very good. Lately they have created a couple that are excellent. Today’s is worth taking the few minutes to watch.


If you liked that one, try this one too.

If you want more, comment and let me know. I’ve watched every episode since the beginning, and I can recommend some others.

UPDATE: Wallstrip.com player is seems slow today.  There are a half dozen other places where you can watch the video listed on the right hand size of the page.

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Putting the Fun in Funding for Retirement — 2 Comments

  1. I’m a failed Boomer — I have no investments to be prudent about. The most frightening words I’ve ever heard in my life came from my daughter (after I made a smartassed remark). She said, “Be nice to me — I get to choose your nursing home.” She was dead serious.