Spoiling Harry Potter (revised)

Revised because Suburban Hippie used the same headline.

Meanwhile, if you truly know anything, drop me a line. Because I am (1) cheap and (2) lacking of the attention span to get through the whole damned book.


Col. Henry Potter did it in the latrine by erotic asphyxiation with Margaret’s nylons. 150px-henry_potter.jpg

Mr. Potter did it in the mill beating the lad to death with Harry Bailey’s Medal of Honor

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Spoiling Harry Potter (revised) — 4 Comments

  1. Hee! Well, thanks for clearing that up . . . oh, wait, I was talking about HARRY Potter.

    (BTW, I owe you a good twitting for that Alfalfa remark. Cheeky lad!)

  2. I’ve heard of Col. Potter, but who the heck is Harry Potter and why should I care?