The Blogger’s Holiday – Independence Day

You’re here, you read blogs, you probably write one or two or more blogs yourself.

Think about the significance of this publishing and distribution system that you have at your fingertips. 

First of all  It’s free, but yet it has amazing features and a super support staff and legions of users who will help each other thru the forums.

Second, the web. Aside from the connection, it’s free. So you can have opinions and express them freely and reach a world wide audience.

Ben Franklin would be a blogger.

He was a protector of freedoms.

…that old codger Ben Franklin himself fought tooth and nail to include language in the U.S. Consitution protecting “Ye Old Dance of Quivering Laps“, as it was called back then.

Like the people of 177o’s, you have to be a bit of a rebel, even if it means protecting lap dances and the right to burn a flag as free speech.

There is a threat to this process we love.

Again, it’s a government.  But this time, it’s one we elected and should be able to influence.

Net Neutrality is being debated now in the open and behind closed doors.

It’s a complicated issue and it requires some thought to sort through the facts and decide the correct course of action.

But you’re a thinker aren’t you?

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