The Raw Naked Unheard Truths of Sixty’s Ferocious Mind

Bob tagged a bunch of us with the 8 random things about me. I find these things harder to do than a regular blog. I guess it’s because I didn’t pick the topic. Does that count as random thing? Prawley not. Since it is a holiday, I shall participate. Deciding who to tag is also a challenge. OK, I think that’s two I wasted, so onward:

Eight random things about me…

  • thought meme was pronounced me me.
  • can’t tell a joke
  • am not handy
  • spent over $100 on dessert for four – not including tip
  • think I am Hollywood director behind a video camera
  • experienced a monsoon in Ft. Myers
  • would love to own a classic car
  • My son-in-law is a smart ass and is out of the will
  • ?x?? d?l? u?? I


Suburban Hippie

Mushy’s Moochings

Paul Potts

UPDATE: This is a site pretending to be the official Paul Potts site. Bummer

K8 the Gr8


Dad Gone Mad


UPDATE: This site is actually The Unapologetic Mexican, sorry for the mess up.

Erin Brockovich

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The Raw Naked Unheard Truths of Sixty’s Ferocious Mind — 14 Comments

  1. I think it is sooooo cute you thought meme was “me-me.” Hey, I can’t flip text. You are the coolest.

  2. What dessert did you get for $25??!?!
    It must have been bloody gorgeous.

    Thanks for memeing me!

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  4. @Rhea: sure you can, type a letter into Word and flip it and invert it, then copy and paste it. Then do the next letter and do the same, or go here

    @ K8: you are absolutely right – these desserts were works of art!
    And you’re welcome!

  5. Well, I’ll be damned. I wonder if I can talk the folks at Sesame Street into doing an episode of rhyming words, throwing in meme and theme…

    Thanks, Rhea, for clearing that up for me! I bet local bloggers have been making fun of me for years now.

    Going, I totally didn’t realize that the flipped text was English. Totally thought you’d written in Hebrew or Japanese or something. That is freakin’ COOL!

  6. Diva: I just never said the word outloud until a friend was telling me about them.

    And try this on your buds: Bloomberg is a W.A.S.H, White Anglo-Saxon Hebrew.

  7. Been there done that:
    1. Has been married 3 times – finally to his high school crush for 27 years!
    2. Was a Security Policeman stationed at DaNang, South Vietnam from March ’66-’67.
    3. Has a degree from the University of Tennessee in Advertising – graduated in 3 years.
    4. Worked in the newspaper business for 5 years as an advertising manager.
    5. Worked as a Communications, Telecommunications, Networking, and Computer Operations manager for 25 years.
    6. Collect Hotwheels – Mustangs and AC Cobras only!
    7. I have a strong Christian faith, but far from traditional! Grace means I don’t have to feel guilty when I fall short.

    How do you flip text?

  8. Every damn time you crack me up…plus I learn something. Meme is pronounced theme?

    The bonus is the text flipping – this blog is like cracker jacks!

  9. Thanks Bob. Rhea said it rhymes with theme, and my blog-enabler said the same, so I’m going with the flow.

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