Would You Put This Car in the Classic Category?


The Weinermobile is older than me!

The first WienerMobile, 13 feet of metal on wheels fashioned to resemble a hotdog, made its debut in Janesville, Wisconsin, in 1936, in the waning days of the Depression.

What started out as a mere way to differentiate Oscar Mayer from dozens of other competitors, has evolved into a piece of Americana akin to Barbershop quartets or county fairs.

It must be a real charge to drive across the country watching the expressions of young and old alike as they spot the weinermobile on the road or parked.

Think the weinermobile should go green? Greenie Weenie?

UPDATE: I Dream of Weenie is successful in Nashville

The Volkswagen bus that he and partner Wayne Goodwyn converted into a mobile hot dog stand has drawn people from all over the neighborhood—since the opening of I Dream of Weenie June 19, the number of people buying a hot dog cooked over coals has grown daily.

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