A Dog Named Lexus

Now how lame is that? I was at the vet yesterday. I waited outside because it was shady and I thought the dogs would like all the new smells.

I didn’t like the new smell because somebody had flattened a skunk right in front of the office. Ordorous.

I noticed a couple sitting in a van with a black lab. When they got out of the lab, she was holding on to him, he was holding on to her and the dog was moseying along at their pace.

When I went inside, we struck up a conversation and their dog was named Lexus. Lexie for short.

I think Lexus is not only dumb but pretentious.  Lexie is OK, cute even.

But I’ll take Lexus over Max  any day.

You probably know that the top name for dogs and cats is Max – yes: both!

The receptionist in the office knows that all our dogs have a reason behind their names:

Sedona: we love Sedona, AZ

Oliver: we love Oliver Wine (from the fine wine country of southern Indiana.)

Derby: got him on Kentucky Derby Day

Sofi Noelle: was our Christmas present.  Not named Noelle, because we knew it would goof up the other dogs because they would think we were saying “No” instead of “Noelle.” Yes, it is Sofi, not Sophie.

Daughter and SIL have two dogs:

Chase: Named after Bill Chase, trumpet player.

Ferguson: Named after Maynard Ferguson, trumpet player.

Can you guess what happens when we get our “Happy Birthday” phone calls?

Here are the most popular names for dogs and cats. 

1. Max

2. Molly

3. Buddy

4. Bella

5. Lucy

6. Maggie

7. Daisy

8. Jake

9. Bailey

10. Rocky

And for cats:

1. Max.

2. Chloe

3. Lucy

4. Tigger

5. Tiger

6. Smokey

7. Oliver

8. Bella

9. Sophie

10. Princess

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A Dog Named Lexus — 6 Comments

  1. Our cat is named Sloppy Joe (after Hemingway’s favorite bar in KeyWest) because he’s a six-toed Hemingway cat.

    My most recent batch of cattle are named Seven, Siete, and Sept because we took delivery of them on 7-7-2007

  2. I love Sloppy Joe’s. Next dog is going to be named that: good name!
    REAL farmers number their cattle, not name them. 🙂

  3. My now deceased Schnauzer’s real name was Sidney Lloyd Pookums. Named after no one, we just thought the name fit him. Although we generally called him Sid, his name over the years morphed into Squid, Sinny, and Squinny. He always came no matter what we called him. A rose by any other name… Someday I’ll post pics.

    Our cats are Miss Kitty (because she whored around town until we saved her) and her son Cootie (our version of “cutie”).

  4. Har! those are great names with great backgrounds! I won’t go into all the nicknames for all the dogs, but Sedona is Stoner or donor or Slobonya.