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Australian boomers are going to fornicate more than ever before predicts IBISWorld, an international research firm.

Men over 55 now account for only 10% of the revenue at the “gentleman’s clubs.” They report that women make up 8%. I don’t know if they are going to “women’s clubs” or trolling for horn toads at the strip joints and brothels.

Whatever, the ladies are the cause for the rosy forecast.

But given the increasingly sexual liberalisation of society and particularly the sexual freedom of women, we anticipate the female customer segment will grow over the next five years.

“We predict an increase in the number of women not only paying for sexual services but visiting strip clubs and accessing sexual material via the telephone, internet, pay TV and DVD, all of which will positively affect demand for sexual services.

Australia has 3 legal hookers for every bloke over the age of 10. Current laws to lower, even repeal the age limit are being considered.

The internet seems to be taking it’s toll.

The study also suggests internet sites promoting sexual rendezvous between strangers with no exchange of funds are creating increased competition for the world’s oldest profession.

Fair dinkum, it’s a choice between lowering the age or hoping boomers will combat the free sex available on the web.

“Boomers will put boom-boom back into the sex industry.”

So even if there is an awning over the toy shop, boomer men hopefully will continue to bang like a dunny door in a storm.

You can bet your didgeridoo that Christmas, New Year’s and major sporting events even the bush pigs get their share of dongers.

While NSW, Qld and Victoria account for 78.3 percent of all establishments in the sex trade, revenue and wages are higher in Victoria, NSW, WA and the ACT where incomes are higher and there is a higher quality of establishments to attract wealthier clientele.

Which is their way of saying: LA, Vegas, and D.C. have more hookers because there is more free cash flow.

I’m off to choke a brown dog.

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