Barcampnashville – Let’s eat

Everybody has abandoned the place to eat Mexican.  I just needed a Mocha Frozen Thingy (that’s what it’s really called) from Cafe CoCo.

Paul Van Hoesen, from cTechnology was speaking at Cafe CoCo.  I haven’t check out their website yet, but their goal is to convince the powers that be in government and schools that we are way behind in access to the internet.

I happen to agree with him.

He was nice enough to let me horn in on the end of his presentation to try to make the case that the people in attendance are the ones that can get a conversation going on this issue.  I was surprised at the number of people there in their 20’s that didn’t want gummit involved in their access to the internet. If nothing else, I hope I got them aware of the issue so that when it gets some traction they will pay attention.

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