Blogging While Drinking/Drunk

Not off to a very good start. After Beer 1, I figured I better do my running around town.

So I changed the headline to reflect current reality.

I’ll just update this post from now on, in case you will be keeping score.

My wife has my car, I have hers.  It’s a convertible, with leopard fuzzy dice, leopard steering wheel cover, and leopard seat belt covers.   No problem, I’ll put the top up and remove the fuzzy dice. Wrong. She has a license plate bracket  that says: Knitting It Takes Balls. Yeah, I love driving around town in her car!

So while I was out, I stopped at my favorite mexican place for a quesadilla and rice. You’ll have to trust me on this: I had a beer with lunch.

So that’s two.

While I was there I pondered if I had early onset Parkinson’s because the rice kept falling off my fork.

Here’s another observation: the beauty school girls are way too young, and they wear better uniforms than nursing students.

 Beer three in hand.

UPDATE: Three beers down, two at home and one at lunch.

Watched the dogs run around outside and when their tongues hit the deck, I brought them in. Beer three went down really easy.

Dogs can only sweat through their tongues.

They are killing Big Ben. No more bongs for Londoners. Londites? They will silence BB because they need to repair his four faces.

I’m fascinated by Violent Acres. I believe what is written. Today is one of those posts that make you realize there are some pretty messed up people who ended up with seemingly decent kids. And I buy the argument that a college degree is way overrated. I don’t see it changing however.

I’ll probably spend the afternoon readding RSS, so be prepared for some disjointed stuff. I’ll watch Ellen’s monologue because she is clever.

Beer four down while writing this.



Entering this contest. The answer is about midnight.


Hope I win. But I hate this person because she got some personalized M&M’s. Just remember this: for every M&M candy consumed you have to walk 100 yards to burn the same calories.

Mail’s here. Gotta walk off one M&M.

That’s five.

UPDATE: Six. Just walking to the mailbox made it easy to down #6. I found in the lower fridge drawer some miller Lite. So since I like Chill as a cooler-downer, I’m moving to Lite.

I told you I got a check from Google, if you dn’t remember. click. Here’s blatant promotion for the site.

My bookmark for to login to this blog is right next to my bookmark for my portfolio. I launched that site instead. Wholey Crap. I’m gonna have a Bourbon and Coke next. And that won’t count.

Stu9id markets, this volitility is killing me.  We’re one of those people that the experts say not to be: we check our investments everyday. Yesterday was dynomite, today it exploded all over me.

sixpack1.jpg Six

UP”DATe: You know what they say about drinking alone? Their right. As soon as I get through my 200 RSS feeds to read, I guess I’ll stop. Nah, just joshing.

But I missed ellen’s monologue.  Wife called, the had a 12 passenger stretch pick them up, with Clarence the driver.


Seven. I have this website playing in background. Good taste in music too. The Asian Cole Slaw sounds good.

threedogafternoon.jpg Three Dog Afternoon. Never can get all four in one place. Maybe we only have three and a stray wanders in occassionally. (Whoa, check that out, spelled it right!)

 Here’s a tip for taking photos of people to make them look thinner. I tend to do the chin tuck, I try to remember to stick my neck out and it does help.  But those loose shirts just don’t do the trick anymore.  I have a belly like Tony Soprano. Probably from eating too much coleslaw.

Beer Float anybody?

UPDATE: Market closed down 387. Our equities were down only $356.  Mutual Funds won’t figure until later. LOVE Jails CXW, up 4%! Mutual Funds – the supposedly conservative way to invest will kill us when they figure. Ah tomorrow’s another day. George says it’s OK.

“If markets are given a chance, they will adjust in a way that is a necessary reaction to a flood of liquidity that came into the market over the last couple of years.”

“I happen to believe the war has clouded a lot of peoples’ sense of optimism.”

“It all depends on if you’re a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty kind of guy.”

With Mr. Bush’s approval ratings hovering at around 35%, the glass is considerably less than half-full for him. More like 65% empty.

It’s really a sign of the president’s lack of credibility that no one really cares what he thinks about the economy at this point.


Ah I think Ah’l have another beer. My typing is actually getting better.

UPDATE: OK, done. You know what they say about drinking alone!  I’m done with my RSS feeds, and I’m getting bored with this as I’m sure you are too.  Nobody likes me. Grandad says I can’t hold my beer. Prairie Gourmet says I belong in a car with leopard print. BadBadIvy called me a dude. (Dude: I haven’t been a dude, ever. I’m male, but I’ve never been a dude.) The rest of you prawley dissapprove of my drinking in the middle of the day in the middle of the week.

S.H.I.T. Sure Happy It’s Thursday.  Except in Ireland, where it’s either Wednesday or Friday. So I’m done.

dood night and good luck.


So you aren’t really recommending Sangria and Coke? We could call it Coca-loo, or  K8gria, Carlos and Coke (Gallo wine)


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Blogging While Drinking/Drunk — 19 Comments

  1. My hubby tried Miller Chill and said it was horrible. It tasted like a margarita. He’s back to Miller Genuine Draft or PBR. I gues a margarita-like beer goes along with the leopard car and fuzzy dice. Real men drink real beer.

  2. Oh shut the hell up. I’m sick and tired of you pansies (Grandad) I don’t see you chugging and blogging. You’re all a bunch of nambie pambies.

  3. Prairie: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to swear at you – put your husband on…

  4. There is nothing like drinking in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. I’m jealous. And you’re surprisingly coherent!

  5. I think I drunk-blogged once. Hard to remember….

    This post had me giggling like a goofball. Thank you, dude, for getting drunk for the greater good. Edutainment at its best.


  6. I am soooo surprised I can even read this post. I bet you could beerly see the screen. I’m sure you’ll sleep pretty soundly tonight Mark….pleasant dreams.

  7. @Redneck Diva: My headache is gone now. I don’t know if it was the Chill or what.
    @Joy: C’mon, Grandad is going to be all over me about this. Seven beers and I still could drive just fine.

    Here’s the problem: one of the dogs puked. Now is that fair?

  8. So did you re-arrange all the furniture? I’m so confused on this timezone thing. What time is it? Have you a sore head or are you getting near the whiskey stage?

  9. I must admit, I quit because I was getting a headache. That blog was not a good idea.

  10. Ahh you’re just on the wrong buzz. Try red wine next time. With fizzy cola bottles in the bottom of the glass. That’ll get ya in the mood begorrah!

  11. K8, thanks for your encouragement to start drinking again. But now I remember why I don’t do that anymore. It hurts. I can drink Bourbon until I can’t see, but I usually do something really really stupid that I regret. I can’t picture red wine with fizzy cola bottles in the bottom of the glass. What would this be called?

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