Boomers Too Old to be Fogeys. Now Known as Zambonies

Since Business Week calls 30-40 year olds “fogeys,” a term that I thought applied to boomers or better, we now may be the Zombies.

Lately, an influx of older users—professionals their 30s and 40s, many in high-tech—is changing the face of Facebook. Among Silicon Valley executives, journalists, and publicists, Facebook has become the place to see and be seen. And it’s not just tech. Consulting company Ernst & Young‘s Facebook network boasts 16,000 members, Citigroup’s (C) claims nearly 8,500.

I’m not crazy about being a fogey, so I would gladly pass along that moniker. But don’t call me “elder.” As Prairie Gourmet pointed out in a comment most people equate “elder” with “ancient.”

Zombie isn’t bad, here’s a site actually has a cool factor. Your portrait as a “brain chasing Zombie.”

On reflection another Z word that is popular is Zamboni. It’s a hard working multi-tasking machine that only gets used to fix things that young people mess up. When the Zamboni is driven, it gets real cheers. Then when it’s done, it gets put in background until things really get messed up again.

If Business Week starts a trend of calling 30-40 year olds “fogeys” then I think I’ll go with calling myself an old Zamboni.

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