Can You Whack Wood with the Best of Them?

I’ve never heard of this game, but if a politician is playing it, I don’t like it.  The one good rule: you have to be over 45 years old to compete.

Before U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth flew back to Washington, D.C., yesterday, he took time out of his schedule to defend his title in Germantown’s 37th annual Schnitzelburg Historical Dainty Contest outside Hauck’s Handy Store.

I want to see the trophy you get for being champion wood whacker.

Dainty is played in the street with two mop sticks, one 3 feet and the other 3 inches. The object is to hit the tip of the smaller stick as it lies on the ground to pop it into the air, then knock it down the street as far as possible. Contestants get three tries.

 That’s it.  Just stand there and whack wood as far as you can.  In this case the politican hit it just a little over half the way of the winner.

They even let the politician cheat, he was sober and whacked his wood before the festival actually started.

Not a good example for Xer’s who aspire to whack wood.

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Can You Whack Wood with the Best of Them? — 2 Comments

  1. If people can judge me on the company I keep, they would judge me with keeping really good company with Laura — George W Bush