Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Game Player

Here are ten things you can do with your game player (Xbox, PlayStation and Wii) courtesy of somebody who wants to sell you a gadget that will let you do these then things.

1. Watching movies, videos, and movie trailers downloaded to the PC on
their big screen TV.
2. Watching video game preview clips and trailers highlighting upcoming
games on the big screen TV.
3. Listening to their entire music collection on the TV surround sound
music system.
4. Sharing favorite gaming videos and recordings without any size, time
or upload restrictions.
5. Watching YouTube videos in big screen format.
6. Watching live and recorded Internet TV (i.e. European soccer games,
foreign language TV, and so much more) on the big screen TV.
7. Using a webcam for live videoconferencing with friends.
8. Watching a slideshow from their photo collections on their home TV
during dinner.
9. Sharing home and Internet videos, music, and photos with friends and
family to watch on TVs at home — or watch the media that friends and
family share with you.
10. Listening to their favorite internet radio station on the surround
sound system.

Here are my submissions for things that make it worthwhile to buy a game station.
1. Lap or foot warmer
2. Mood lighting – I love the flashing lights on my router.
3. Hi tech plant shelf – Be careful with your Wii
4. Make lame jokes about your Wii – I’ll always have my Wii
5. Be the coolest / lamest boomer in the neighborhood

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