Friday Five – Undeveloped Blog Ideas

I hope you have better luck with these ideas than I did.

  • Ropeless Jump Rope – thanks for sending me the idea Cheryl, but I just couldn’t go anyplace with it. If there was a weightless weight set, or smart dumbbell, I might have gotten a post.
  • Grinding isn’t dancing – every time I started writing, I just remember “back in the day” people saying if you are dancing you should be touching the other person. Now that people are touching again, it freaks me a little. Especially threesomes.
  • Words that have no rhyme – you probably know about orange, but I never came up with a rhyme for golf. I figured there would be other words that don’t have rhymes, but didn’t run across any.
  • Drambuie – I used to drink this when I wanted to be “sophisticated.” Understand why this post never went anywhere?
  • Updated Magic 8 Ball answers – they would all have to be obscene or slang, so what’s the point? As many of the commenters said, don’t mess with a classic.
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Friday Five – Undeveloped Blog Ideas — 4 Comments

  1. How about wolf for a word having no rhyme? If I’m right, it’s ironic that golf and wolf have similiar spellings, don’t rhyme with each other or anything else.

  2. Nancy – thanks for commenting. I never thought to wiki the phrase.
    Pint? In my book, it doesn’t have a rhyme still!