Here’s What’s Cool About Being Empty-Nesters

  • Two Southwest Airline Tickets: Free
  • Somebody to dog sit: Free
  • Somebody that will let us stay with them: Free
  • Being able to pick up and go today: Priceless

Heading to Austin, Don’t Mess With, Texas.

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Here’s What’s Cool About Being Empty-Nesters — 4 Comments

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  2. I was in Austin last week…awesome city! That drive on I-35 going north towards Waco is a…yea, uh-huh, it IS!

    Enjoy your visit there!

  3. @Redneck Diva: You trying for Miss Teen South Carolina? Austin in Central TX! Long way to OK – let alone NE OK. Just sayin’

    @Angela: Eating good Q. Went to Gruene to the Hall today. Cold beer and hot music – great time!