Improv at the Cracker Barrel

Imagine a room full of mostly 50+ women being directed to play with each other using movement, story telling, sound, music, and games.  Wonder what picture you came up with?  Well, I was there

yesterday in a woman’s Improv group that has just started in my local town.

I had the same experience with during my wife’s 60th birthday party. To refresh your memory, we picked her and a few of her friends up in a limo and met some more friends at Cracker Barrel.
Improv? OMG, these women were riffing off of each other’s comments so fast I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t keep up, not because there was a lot of inside jokes from previous encounters, (there were) but because these women have the uncanny capability of talking in two conversations and listening to two different conversations simultaneously. Oh, and laughing like, well like hyenas!
Jaysus! When it came to the gag gifts, I’ve never heard a group of guys get as bawdy.  I’m sure they cleaned up their act a lot because they were in a public restaurant.

Turns out the most memorable joke was at my expense. Someone speculated what people thought with me being the only guy at the table. Velma looked at my wife and they both said, “we know.”

It was their conclusion that everyone in the restaurant thought that I was my wife’s gay friend.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. But I did make sure a copped a feel during one of the pictures.

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Improv at the Cracker Barrel — 2 Comments

  1. Our local Cracker Barrel is nowhere as entertaining as yours sounds!

    And I’ve never had my cop felt at a CB either. Your wife is so lucky.

  2. Heh. You would love her group. You would fit right it from minute one!