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Niche blogs and websites are popping up all over. Seems that boomers are attracting a lot of attention as well as grandparents.

Savvy Boomer says

Grand Magazine calls itself the “official magazine for grandparents.” I like publications that call themselves “official.” I guess that makes their competitors “unofficial.” And they will have a new competitor in a couple of months called They have already produced quite a few newsletters which you can subscribe to.

I personally prefer this new niche site that should have great appeal for boomers and grandparents. After all, we’re all just waiting around to die. Some Xers actually are rooting for boomers to die soon. Seems we’re the cause of all the world’s problems.


I’m setting up a page soon so that when I croak, will pick up all the details.

  • solved the Poincaré conjecture
  • had two bladders but no heart
  • used to Karaoke all the parts of Aida
  • advised Simon Cowell on his wardrobe
  • told the makers of Head On where to apply it
  • convinced Tiger to give up tennis
  • co-signed Trump’s first co-op deal
  • argued the Hustler magazine v. Jerry Falwell case in the Supreme Court
  • never made a Power Point presentation

Otherwise I could be known for something like

A WOMAN who appeared on a Channel Ten reality show has died in an apparent suicide after posting a note on MySpace partially blaming the series for the events leading up to her death. American Cheryl Kosewicz, a 35-year-old deputy district attorney was found dead in her Nevada home from an apparent suicide last week after being the fourth eliminated contestant on the CBS series Pirate Master.

How boring would that be for you to read when I die of an M&M overdose?

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Comments the Ultimate Boomer blog — 3 Comments

  1.….yep, I’ll be watching for their launch. They interviewed me for an article that will probably be published in September…maybe it’s their first issue. Sounds like an interesting and fun site. Thanks Mark.