OK, That’s Done. What’s Next? Rebuild the Shuttle?

I had a brilliant idea on Friday. I decided to move from the free (but kinda limited) WordPress.com, to the hosted WordPress.org.

I signed up with BlueHost.com because they are a WordPress recommended vendor. They have an area that was called something like the wizenator (I can’t find it on the site now) that made it really easy to transfer from the .com to the .org.

But they had some funky username that THEY picked, so I was shut out of my own site for a couple hors or so until I could figure it out.

Earlier in the week, our new computer arrived, so I psyched myself up to handle that chore on Sunday. We had some people over Saturday evening for a outside deal (106 wind chill) and I knew if I started on Saturday, I would be in no mood for polite conversation.

I unpacked everything, cleaned off the top of the desk (threw it all on another desk) and read the install sheet (not the book, the 11 x 17 sheet that was printed in three languages that basically said: plug in monitor, plug in modem or network cable, plug in wall, turn on.) I could do that.

Michael Dell recommended I buy a transfer cable and PCMover software disc. Move over Bill, there’s another prick to be dealt with.

I had to strip all the add ons from the old computer: DVD writer, external hard drive, wireless router, printer, web cam, speakers, mic, USB hubs, keyboard, mouse, and a dead squirrel.

Now I have a desk with two CPU’s and one monitor.

This is boring me, so here’s the short version.
PC Mover is a piece of crap if you buy the CD. I ended up having to download one that would work. Once I got it running, it took four hours to load the stuff in the moving van and transfer stuff. Move over Bill and Mike.

Then another half hour of untangling all the cables trying to organize the add ons.

I’m back. Aside from the PC mover issue, the only other problem was when I said my wife could check gmail from laptop, she also decided that this meant it was OK to check mail on the server. Wrong! This was late in the game so we added some volume to our discussion.

Today will be the real test. She is home alone with the computer. I told her to make a list.

My birthday is coming. I’m dropping broad hints about how easy it is to deal with Macs.

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OK, That’s Done. What’s Next? Rebuild the Shuttle? — 3 Comments

  1. Well apparently you did something right Mark…..cause here you are and looking pretty good too. I think you deserve some Kudos for this one. And…good luck with the “hint-dropping.”

  2. If I tell Cajun Redneck Man that I wanna Mac he will make a McDonald’s run – then complain that Big Mac’s aren’t on the 99 cent menu.

  3. @Joy: sigh! Still not done, I have updates from Bill Gates (the Prick) that won’t install. Have to install four disks of Microsoft Works… blech.
    @Micki: LOL