Pavarotti Sings Theme For Meme

Pavarotti’s best playing in foreground. I sound just like him, except I don’t speak Italian, so I sing jibberish with an occasional “la donna mobile” thrown in.

When he sings Nessan Dorma the chills will be better than any a/c.

I found this today on Mental_Floss.

1) If you could have written any movie in history – or, more accurately, if you could tell people that you’d written any movie in history – what would it be?

2) What’s a food you’d fake a fainting spell to avoid having to eat?

3) What historical figure (pre-1900) would have made the best mental_floss blogger?

4) With what character – book, film, stage or television – do you most relate?

5) What’s the most egregious errand you ever ran while technically on-the-clock?

6) Coin a new phrase that means “I’m having a good time at this party.”

1. Pulp Fiction. I can’t conceive of how you would even get started writing this story and developing all the odd characters. To tie up such a seemingly complicated story line is beyond my little pea brain.

2. Brain Sandwich. I’ve fixed and eaten turkey testicles, eaten pig testicles, beef tongue, liver of course. That’s about as unusual as I get. I know the brain is fried and it’s mostly batter, but I just can’t get by the image. Now figure that. Pig balls, no problem, pig brains, nope. Gotta be a good joke in there somewhere. All balls, no brain?

3. Ben Franklin. Not even close. Newspaper publisher, scientist, statesman.

4. I hate these kind of questions. I’m not a good judge of me. Somebody else would have to answer that.

5. Errand? Not many. I used to take naps before I had my sleep apnea diagnosed. I would get in the car and drive to a park and take a 20 minute snooze and head back to the office.

6. This is the toughest because it requires originality. No inside jokes, slightly risque, everybody can identify with.

I guess I’ll go with “I wouldn’t be having more fun, even if Jessica Simpson wiped and powered by ass.”

UPDATE: I cracked myself up with #6: I need a proofreader… “powered by ass” ahahahahaha, I meant “powDered My ass.” But the original made me laugh more. “Waiter! bring a demitasse for the dumbass.”

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Pavarotti Sings Theme For Meme — 5 Comments

  1. 1)Any John Belushi or John Candy movie
    4)Howie Mandel
    5)Flew to Las Vegas to collect on a bet that paid off at pretty good odds that I had made several months previously on the Toronto Blue Jays to win the World Series in 1992. Told the boss I had a hot prospect there. The day I quit a couple of years later he asked me whatever happened to my hot Vegas prospect. Best boss I ever had.
    6)I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here

  2. OK, here’s mine:
    1 Memento
    2 Coffee (it makes me gag). I know it’s not really a food.
    3 Ben Franklin was my first choice too – intellectual with wit
    4 Angela of “The Office”; I wrote about this in my July 28 & 29 blog
    5 None – I don’t believe in stealing (personal property, time, or anything)
    6 And to think I could have spent the evening home alone listening to Pavarotti!

  3. @savvyboomer: #5 is awesome!
    @coffee? no kidding! #6 did you understand the question?