Right Out of the Gate Boomer Site Gets it Wrong.

Holy crap. I thought being called an elder was bad. Now were as old as the redwoods.

I didn’t mean to turn this blog into a review of boomer websites, but the announcement hit my RSS this evening. Redwoodage has launched.

Named for the majestic trees that grow to hundreds of years of age in Northern California, RedwoodAge publishes news, information and blogs. We’re building community forums to share and test ideas. And we urge people to take action—personally and socially—to enhance the quality of life for everyone, young or old.

Wait a minute… young and old? There’s a whole generation that you skipped bubba. The landing page and all the inside pages are just rehashed news. 

Look at these topics by their bloggers. See anything there you haven’t seen a hundred times before? Nope.

Do the people who concieve these websites think we just sit around and wail “woe is me?”

Healthy Ways By P.A. MacLean

P.A. MacLean and others look at ways to live a healthier life through exercise, diet and lifestyle changes that can save money, ease pressure on the environment, and lead to a longer, happier life.

Political Thinking By John McGowan

A few thoughts on the state of the state, nation and world by contributors across the United States and Europe, including Professor John McGowan.

Money Matters By Jennifer Meacham

A penny drops on Wall Street and your mortgage rates go up. Award-winning writer Jennifer Meacham and others bring perspective to the marketplace of life.

Spiritual Lift By Cathy Bowman

We’ve all felt that way, haven’t we. Catherine Bowman and her guests look inside those everyday moments to gauge their impact on our hearts and souls.?

The Whole Life By Cecily O’Connor

Balancing intellectual strength, physical health and spiritual meaning is no easy trick. RedwoodAge.com senior writer Cecily O’Connor and other staff members take a look at living well.

How about some columns like:

  • Messing around with four wheelers can kill you
  • Remember the pot you smoked? It’s not the same anymore
  • Is a Harley right for you?
  • Do your grandkids just bug the heck out of you?
  • Lusting after your pastor?
  • Penny stocks for fun and profit
  • Here’s why your senator won’t win the nomination
  • Pills and booze, sometimes they won’t kill you

The guy that started this site is a founding editor of Marketwatch for crying out loud!  You would think he would know better. Here’s a tip Skippy: before you launch a site? Use a search engine to see what’s out there. Engage some boomer bloggers.

You want venture capital and you will probably get it since you have a nice pedigree. But you won’t be around long unless you give boomers something new and different. 

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