The Creative Insults I Got on Saturday

The commenters on The Fly On Wallstreet for which I guest blogged had a lot to say. I couldn’t help but notice that almost the whole bunch were anonymous! 

  • my bowel movements move the market more than the average baby boomer.
  • not only are you fired, we push you down stairs, piss on your wrinkly back, send an inflated health care bill to your widow for the “shingles” you caught at woodstock, and put your dead carcass in fly’s time machine to the year 2077 so you can buy one cup starbucks with your 44k life savings.
  • An effect experienced from smoking marijuana, where the user feels “out of synch” in time.
  • For Christ Sakes, I finally get out of rehab and this is all “The Fly” (he deserves to be referred to in the 3rd person after this week) can find for weekend help. Pathetic…
  • Do you sometimes forget where you put your keys? Drive real slow with your blinker on? Cruise around town in a Lincoln and get lost?
  • yeah…going like sixty, you seem affable, but I would like you more if you had geriatric-profanity disorder
  • I mean, you would think that no other generation had poor old fekkers with not a lot of savings. Hello? Anyone remember why they instituted socialist security in the first place? Because old fekkers were gumming apple cores, that’s why!
  • Guys please keep in mind that this was the generation that thought it was “cool” to live in a van down by the river and smoke pot all day. They are truly some fucked up cats. There is no need to worry at all.
  • The baby boomers represent the worst generation in American history, ever. I’m certain, once they start to retire, they will spend their life savings, rather quickly, on hemp and Beatles records/concerts.
  •  hire Regis Philbin, to blog for you, how did you think it was going to go?
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The Creative Insults I Got on Saturday — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not a big fan of Boomers. The worst boss I ever had fell in that category. Generally, you are idealistic and hypocritical. Plus you are hogging whats left of social security and medicare to leave us with nothing but higher taxes.

    With that said, I actually enjoyed your stint over at Fly’s. I’m a big fan of cycles and believe that generational cycles are the mother of all. You handled all the negative comments with alot of dignity. So, for what its worth, good job.

  2. Geriatric-profanity disorder…hehehe…saw this in action on the geriatric floor when I was a vampire yrs ago. WHOA!

    A couple of angelic lil ladies suddenly turned into…well, maybe I better not say it. 🙂

    Those young ‘uns really went after you, didn’t they? S’ok…I see you’ve already bounced back and gotcha Mojo back.

  3. @iio: ah, thank you???
    @Angela: I think there might have been more boomers in that crowd that they want to admit – young boomers, but still boomers.