What an Insult. I’m Guest Blogging, I Need Your Ideas.

I’ve never been so insulted in my life when I got an email from a blogger asking me to guest blog on his site this weekend.

He writes the most profane laden stock tips and advice blog I have ever come across. If it wasn’t for the massive infusion of cash he is putting in my pocket for future blog development, I would have told him to put it where the sun don’t shine.

But he owes me. One of his favorite sayings is: Fly banks coin, except it usually is proceeded by a stream of insults to the intelligence of those of us who read his blog. We’re like people driving by a train wreck. We’re pathetic.

So when I told him that http://www.flybankscoin.com was available, he liked the idea and bought it.

This is my reward I guess. He says he stops blogging sometime Friday after the market closes, but I notice he always weighs in with something utterly useless during the weekend.

I’d like to stick with something about the financial markets, so give me your thoughts.

His only caveat was “no politics.”

OK, I can handle that.

Browsing through my favorite Turkish online newspaper Today’s Zaman I learned August 22 is Angel Day. This lost soul needs all the angels he can muster. So I’m his.

Don’t click here if profanity bothers you. Really, I’m serious, The Fly is the General Dynamics of F Bombs.

78.17 +0.47 (0.60%) Aug 22 4:05pm ET
Open: 77.96
High: 78.50
Low: 77.46
Volume: 1,632,600
Avg Vol: 2,697,000
Mkt Cap: 31.71B

Had to get in my stock tipper mode.

Anyway, comment with your questions about the stock market or ideas that I can use.

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What an Insult. I’m Guest Blogging, I Need Your Ideas. — 7 Comments

  1. So many possibilities…so little time. Whatever you decide on….I’m sure it will be laced with your wit, wisdom, and wackiness. I can see the wheels turning from here….

  2. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I will probably rant a lot more there than I do here.

  3. “The Fly” is King, you should feel honored to work his weekend shift. I must warn you, it’s a tough crowd! You better bring your “A” game, or the Fly republic will eat you for lunch. Good Luck, I look forward to reading.

  4. Listen, Old man…you better recognize that you are no longer dealing with people that just figured out how to turn on computers. The Fly’s readers are sharp and will not tolerate this attitude.