Wife is Home, Back to Sharing

My wife has been away on a SEX trip and needs to catch up on emails, download photos, and do some posting.

So I am relegated to the laptop. We have a lousy wireless connection. But I am in a recliner in front of the TV, so I’m not complaining too much.

Reading other blogs and RSS is slow, so I’m running a little behind. Exsqueeze me.

I really was in hog heaven when she was gone when it came to computing. I had the laptop next to the desktop so the connection was excellent. So I was twittering on the laptop and watching the live stream of Gnomedex (what a bunch of propeller heads) and chatting on the desktop.

Ronni Bennett from As Time Goes By was one of the speakers, and of course she was the only one I missed. I tuned out pretty early from some of the others. Those are available on youtube.com. Ronni Bennett is not. They talk to people in the hallway and that’s available. Ronni Bennett is not. The have video of the party, but not Ronni Bennett’s presentation.

If I was Ronni Bennett and hate ageism as much as she does, I’d be writing about it. We’ll see.

We chatters were merciless on the speakers. If these people really believed in interactivity, they would have had the live chat projected in the room.

It occured to me that technology conferences should not be held in hotels or convention centers. Even with all those tech-heads in the room, the audio and video was jerky. These kind of gatherings should be held in some tech businesses conference room.

They talk a good story, but when it comes right down to it, they all want to gather at a nice hotel with a nice bar in a nice place.

That is why video conferencing will never be more than just a fad.

UPDATE:  Linked to SEX Trip

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Wife is Home, Back to Sharing — 5 Comments

  1. You were in hog heaven while I was gone – I was in shopping heaven! BTW, cleaning up 10 piles of dog puke yesterday….really made me wonder why I came back!