Boomer Generation Explained in Twelve Page Book

Sherlock Holmes Finds Passageway

Jay Advertising is launching a new division called Passageway to improve their marketing efforts on behalf of such clients like AAA, Buick Motor Division, First Niagara Bank, GMC Truck, Golf Channel, HBO and HBO Sports, PGA and others.

You know what? They may have it figured out. Passageway will be staffed by boomers because every other agency depends on twenty and thirty somethings to figure things out.

In the words of Ferdinand Jay Smith, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Jay Advertising, “Many make the mistake of thinking Boomers are over the hill. No, they’re on top of the hill, and they’re signing our paychecks.”

You will probably remember Smith from the 1980’s “HBO in Space” promo. The one where the point of view of the camera is flying out the window and down the street and into space?
He did that promo.

But I don’t get this:

Jay is launching this new venture with a mailing to corporate executives that includes a 12-page book telling the life story of today’s Boomers.

Twelve pages? Twelve pages? I sure would love to get my hands on that masterpiece. I think I’ll drop them a line and see if they will send me a copy. If I don’t get one, I’m sure it will pop up somewhere on the innerwebs.

Stay tuned.

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