Boomer Music and Hot Rods Still Earn Admiration

I subscribed to the Random RSS feed from WordPress and this post popped up.

Ground Control to Major Tom…

I don’t have a clue how old the young woman is that writes this blog. Twenty-something? She posted a bunch of pictures including this one with her comment following…


aren’t these cars cooool? randomly parked in the queen vic car park. my god. i love the orange one.

Boomer music and boomer hot rods will forever be coooool. And she’s blogging along with myspacing and facebooking. Cooooool.

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Boomer Music and Hot Rods Still Earn Admiration — 4 Comments

  1. i’m the girl who owns that blog. yes i do love the cars!! and you remind me of my grandpa… =)

    AND you ARE cool. no worries there mate!

  2. Hi Charmene.
    Thanks for responding. I figured Grandpa was about the right age. Thanks for being kind to an old person.