Boomers Invented Everything Including AIDS

This mind bending quiz was part of a larger story about how computers transformed boomers.

In fact, it can be argued that the best-known baby boomer of all is the computer itself.

What really tickled me is how this benign story triggered this reaction: 

Holy fucking Christ, guy! Are you going to tell me that 78 million Americans have the right to take credit for the work of handful of enterprising people? What an asshole! I can’t even read this whole article. It’s sickening. The nerve of douchebags like Stephen Levy is beyond me. It’s unconscionable.

Let me ask you something, Mr. Levy. How come you’re not so quick to talk about the negative societal changes that have occurred under “leadership” of baby boomers. Let’s start with…oh, I don’t know…AIDS. Why doesn’t your generation take responsibility for the millions of lives lost due to negligence and selfishness? How about the cultural decline that has occurred since you came to power? I can’t go to a movie theater or listen to FM radio anymore because you replaced quality with prefabricated confections in an attempt to line your pockets. How about the ongoing war? If Bill Gates and George Bush are both boomers, shouldn’t you be “taking credit” for both of their contributions to society? God damn you and your blind consumerism, your dead-end nihilism, and your sense of entitlement. From Volkswagen Beetles to Hummers, from tap water to bottled water, you’ve got a lot of shit you need to explain away before I offer any of you an ounce of respect.

I would love to make fun of this guy, but where to start? The post is just so full of venom and so off the wall, it would be hard to parody. “I can’t even read this whole article.” Maybe there are too many big words? Or maybe he has ADD?

Oh these kids.

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