Does “The Cup Experience” Sound Inviting?

Who are the people who come up with names like this for special events. Here’s the gem folks in Kentucky will be bombarded with until the tournament in 2008.

The Cup Experience.

What kind of cup springs to mind? D cup? protective cup?

Nope, think golf’s Ryder Cup.

When the Ryder Cup international golf tournament comes to Louisville’s Valhalla Golf Club next fall, the city will commemorate the event with a festival called The Cup Experience.

I’m sure the Ryder Cup ™ dudes wouldn’t let them use The Ryder Cup ™ Experience because of trademark ™ issues.

Here are some of the great events they will be hosting:

  • One armed golf championship (no seriously)
  • “Soiree” under the stars
  • Food tasting
  • A concert

Here are my suggestions for the name of the golf festival:

  • The Long and Straight Experience.
  • The Great Balls Experience
  • Strokes for Folks Experience
  • Get in da hole Experience

Oh, this is just too easy, you take over from here.

Here are some events they should have considered:

  • The Caddy Shack Ball
  • You da’ Man Shout Off
  • Bad in Plaid Fashion Show
  • Golf Cart Racing

Maybe in 2010 when the World Equestrian Games are held in Lexington, Kentucky, they will have The Rider Cup Experience.

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Does “The Cup Experience” Sound Inviting? — 2 Comments

  1. When I read “The Cup Experience” my first thought was the Stanley Cup. My second thought was an item of protective gear for men’s noogies. I don’t think those are the messages they wanted to convey . . .