Dunder Mifflin Update Big Surprise! They Screwed Up My Application

Well I may just withdraw my application before Dunder Mifflin choses not to hire me. Got this email today.

Dear Employee,

Thank you for applying to be a Regional Manager for Dunder Mifflin Infinity.  Unfortunately, there’s been an error processing your application.  To confirm your Regional Manager application, we will need you return to Dunder Mifflin Infinity and re-apply. You’ll be given a brand new hiring code to send out to prospective employees.

I haven’t even been hired and they already are trying to keep me out.  Well I’m having nothing of it. If they don’t make me branch manager of the Pine Bluff branch, I’m suing.

Here’s the new hiring code y8kfu6jvsg, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a corporate HR trick to keep me out.  I have a great HR advisor, that is experienced in these type of shenangins – she spent years in HR doing this stuff to other people.

With an attitude like this, she is Aces in my book.

Human Resources is a study in stupidity and boring, political intrigue. Most of the work we do should be done by managers and directors. It’s not rocket science. Here’s what needs to be accomplished: develop leaders, be kind to your colleagues, and treat one another in an equitable manner. When things are going well, Human Resources acts as a coach and a teacher; when things are going poorly, HR acts like a police officer and a referee.

Now that she is unemployed, she can help me a lot. 

After we sue the pants off these dorks, we will split the generous court award.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Dunder Mifflin Update Big Surprise! They Screwed Up My Application — 1 Comment

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