Eight Blog Ideas Gone Bad

Time to clean out the “drafts” area of WordPress. Here are blog ideas that have languished there long enough, time to put them out of their misery. Still leaves me four that I have hope for.

  • Deep in the bowels of Google ™ pale, thin, young people are working on a project that will impact the way we all interact with our computers.

As part of my research day on Saturday, I found this video about an existing

find what you want and what you want to do. Grammar likenoun verb indirect object

Act without doing wei wu wei in harmony with the way the system works resolve things without having to interrupt the way you do things

Magic and Mystery: being surpisd an delighted

  • She’s a piler, I’m a filer. long time to learnfundamental diff. can’t win
  • New miracle drug Afucitol
  • RLS is in my jeans latest trend in punchlines, tinnitus next
  • Internet backbone is changing linkbroadcasters choose TV. And they launched a lobbying blitz Monday to prevent technology companies from potentially causing interference on over-the-air television signals in a quest to hook up more people to the Internet.

Natonal Lambda rail http://www.nlr.net/
Parallel Inertnet

    • Offline and dyin’ pull the pluf living will
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