Friday Five – Chocolate Preferences

The blog-party – blarty has started. Last week I made the chocolate muffins for the blarty from Hope’s recipe. Best thing I’ve ever baked.

On to the Friday Five:

Here are my preferences in chocolate candy. I am a milk chocolate guy. I can pass on dark chocolate (but usually don’t.)

  • M&M’s – regular size, the classic M&M. I’m really streaky in craving these. For the last six months, I’ve purchased no other candy than M&M’s. Before that, I was streaky on:
  • Hershey’s candy bar with almonds – cold. The largest size you can buy. (Notice how the bars, like other package foods are getting smaller?)
  • Hershey’s Kisses – plain. I like to pick these up after Halloween on sale. But those little foil papers are a pain. I eat Kisses by the handful, and I can’t leave the foil on the table beside me because the dogs take it. It’s too much work to lean up from the recliner and use the wastebasket every. single. time. They should package Kisses like they do eggs.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Chips – I guess they aren’t milk chocolate are they. Oh well, in a pinch a handful will do nicely. Regular or mini’s will work.
  • Fudge – Mackinac Island Michigan chocolate fudge. Homemade sweet cream with no preservatives, meant to be eaten immediately. Hard to get, but worth lusting after.

How about this for a total waste of chocolate? How much chocolate can you eat in three minutes contest.

  1. Chocolate should at least partially melt in your mouth. Some chocolate candy should only be consumed this way (Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses.)
  2. You have to BUY the chocolate you scarf down! Oh, they are generous and give you a 25% discount, but do the pie-eaters, or hotdog-eaters have to buy their food? Of course not.

If you win, you get your money back on what you paid for the chocolate plus fifty bucks. The Smores Bars picture did make my mouth water.

Dollar General will be open soon, I think I need breakfast. See you later at the blarty.

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Friday Five – Chocolate Preferences — 9 Comments

  1. Talkin’ ’bout the Blarty and chocolate candy, have you ever seen a show at The Fudgery? It is THE most FUN fudge I’ve EVER had! We had a blast at The Fudgery located in Union Station in St. Louis a few years back.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Hey Ditto on those M&M’s. I love baking the plain M&M cookies. The peanut M&M’s are great solo. I prefer the Milk Chocolate too over the dark.

    Hey Angela, saw the Fudgery show; Saw, Bought, ATE.

  3. @Angela – totally forgot about The Fudgery. I think they had one at Union Station in Indy too. However, making fudge is serious business, it’s like going to the Circus for the Hot Dogs.
    @Hope – Do you have any more three item recipes? I’ll be tied up Saturday (lot of eBay sales winding up, then dogs go for pix, then golf) But Sunday looks open.

  4. Hey GLS, you could always make some Rice Krispy Treats and use Cocoa Krispies, or throw in some of those M&M’s, or my preference Reeses Pieces. Or there’s the chocolate no bake oatmeal peanut butter cookies, but they have to cool on wax paper?

    You are thinking chocolate, Right?