If You’re Tony Snow, Don’t Worry

Cancer ridden former White House press secretary Tony Snow made a boat load of money while at Fox News. But he decided that he didn’t need to save for retirement.

When Snow came to the White House after several years at the Fox News Channel, it was clear that he had relied entirely on others to save for his retirement.

There is no pension at Fox News, they offer employees a 401(k) retirement plan. Snow didn’t participate, thereby foregoing thousands of dollars of free money from his employer.

The median income for a family in the U.S. is $46,000. Snow said he often felt pinched living on $168,000 in D.C.

We took out a loan when I came to the White House, and that loan is now gone,” he said. “So I’m going to have to pay the bills.

He won’t have to worry about paying for his cancer treatments. We taxpayers will take care of him because he is on the gummit plan.

Had Snow stashed a few thousand dollars in a health savings account, which is one of the administration’s chief proposals to reduce the rising number of the uninsured, he likely wouldn’t have enough cash to afford chemotherapy.

I’m not worried about Snow. He has enough connections so he can get free lance jobs and probably even “loans” so he and his family won’t suffer.

Washington takes care of it’s own.

It’s the rest of us I worry about.

No I don’t.

It’s my family I worry about.

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