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Now this is an “elderblogger” – or is it?

Olive Riley, who probably should be crowned as the world’s oldest blogger. Mrs Riley, who is 108 years old, doesn’t quite write herself, but blogs with the help of a friend, Mike Rubbo. And has been doing so for several months now.

Apparently the mainstream media doesn’t agree that she is a blogger. It seems that they have made the determination that you must type to blog.

I agree. To blog one has to have a skill set that Mrs. Riley doesn’t have. She doesn’t type, she doesn’t format, she doesn’t link, she doesn’t categorize.

She talks to Mike.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wonderful that Mrs. Riley does this. If they want to call it blogging that’s OK by me.

But if Mrs. Riley dictates a recipe, does that make her a chef? If Mrs. Riley dictates a story, does that make her a scriptwriter?

I think Donald Crowdis is still the oldest blogger because he says he launched and maintains the blog. But he hasn’t posted since March so that title may soon pass.

This is vitally important, and it seems to me that we must get this issue settled with all due haste. I need goals. I may find a preggo and start blogging the gurgles in utero and go for youngest blogger. Or maybe I should start with a “Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh baby. Yes. Now. Oh Yessssssssss.”

UPDATE: I read Mike’s comments (he’s 68, something I missed before) It’s a long comment but here is what he said…

But all that being said, we must admit that this blog is more blogography than autoblogography, if you get what I mean.

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I’m Just Askin’ — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, I’m just asking. You raise some good points about our blog, the one that I do with Olive Riley. Have a look at the comments section of the latest post and see if that sorts things out for you. I wrote it in response to your very valid doubts. Mike the helper of Olive.