It Helps to Have a Goofy Name if You Want to Write for HuffPo

Here’s an update on the goofy names of people who write for Huffington Post’s Living Now. I asserted beforethat they either were pseudonyms or they had hippy parents. I’m sticking with that assertion. However, the last time I wrote about a HuffPo blogger, she actually responded, and we had a good-natured exchange about rats.

Efe Cakarel

Man or woman? Film geek who founded The Autisms (or something like that.) Efe goes and looks for struggling film-makers and buys their films and makes millions for investors while the film-maker eats Ramen noodles. The geek part comes from the fact that Efe is an electrical engineer by training. Makes perfect sense, right? Oh, Efe is a man.

This year politics at large is THE theme of the Festival. From Brian De Palma’s highly anticipated film ‘Redacted,’ that deals with the War in Iraq, to the one of a kind documentary ‘Heavy Metal in Baghdad;’ the Festival is determined to bring the voices from parts of the world that hasn’t been widely heard for the longest time. And the audiences here absolutely love it.

Pamela Pekerman

Good ole Pam Pekerman. Pekerman. Poor thang. She’s Magna Cum Laude in journalism from NYU and writes about purses for a living. Pam Pekerman’s Purty Purses. She wrote for HuffPo on how tough it is during fashion week.

First I was treated to a delightful hand and neck massage, courtesy of the holistic spa team at Cygalle Healing Spa. Cygalle Dias herself was on hand chatting it up with guests and promoting her divine line of products. You have not lived the good life until you have tried her romance oil.

Frans De Waal

If you can read this and not thing of Hans and Frans, you don’t belong here you are too young. He’s from the Netherlands, so he comes by the name naturally. (As if he needs me to stick up for him!)

The term alpha female originated in my field of animal behavior, but has acquired new meaning. It refers to women who are in charge, for example, by flirting and dating on their own terms. It is also used maliciously for a loud-mouthed, controlling woman who has no patience with deviating opinions. The original meaning of “alpha female,” however, is exactly the same as that of “alpha male”: being the highest ranking member of one’s sex.

Willow Bay

Yes, that Willow Bay (real name Catherine) former model, former news anchor, now HuffPo editor. She was on the air when Cosby came out with Himself. So every time she came on the air, somebody in our family would break into the dentist routine. “I’m Willow Bay,” Willow Bay, obay -kobay.  Now you want to sit back, but you can’t because hanging from your bottom lip is a long line and you can’t get it off your bottom lip. Oh, if you wanna be gross, you can grab it and throw it over there. But you try to be smooth about it. And there’s breaking over here and there’s breaking over there. You try to blow it off. Just vibrating. So you figure, maybe if you sit back, it will snap in half. So you sit back. Now you have a line from the bowl to your bottom lip. The dentist looks at it and says, “Oh, look, a rainbow!” So you have to pay him for that.

For women of my generation, it was the “juggling act.” Jobs, marriage, children, homes, and aging parents were the balls we added, tossing them in the air as our lives filled up and praying they wouldn’t come crashing down on our heads. Younger women, many of whom watched their working moms try to “have it all,” seem determined to find a better way. They shun the term “juggling act” in the same way they brush aside the word “feminism”‘ as an outdated notion with little relevance to their lives.

Tatiana Boncompagni

She’s a freelance mother of two. That’s right, she’s freelancing motherhood from some rich people in New York City. I think her post is the most interesting. It shows how fashion magazine editor’s don’t “walk the walk” when it comes to skinny runway models.

…a magazine editor arrived at the trunk show, and things took a severe turn for the worse. The editor is extremely thin, with long blonde hair and pale skin; she’s hardly the picture of good health. When the subject of lunch came up, she talked enthusiastically about how much weight one can lose by skipping it. “Have you lost weight yet?” she asked Laurie, who is tall and thin, but not as rail-like as her costar Bridget. The producers seemed to like this line of talk and prompted the editor to repeat over and over her endorsement of anorexia.

The group she was hanging around with had cupcakes for lunch (I like her a lot.) Even Bridget the “rail thin” model.

Then we ate cupcakes, all of us, even Bridget, who devoured hers in less than a minute. The only exception was the skinny editor, who permitted herself the tiniest nibble of icing before discreetly discarding the rest.

They probably both went to the Puke-a-loo to purge.

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