Mr. Ashley Judd Jumping to NASCAR

Mr. Ashley Judd aka Dario Franchitti, will make the jump to drive a NASCAR entry in 2008. Franchitti left the sexy Formula 1 racing circuit to race on the lusty Indy Racing League and now has joined the horny NASCAR tracks.

From “Bonjour, Monsieur Franchitti” to “Hello, Mr. Franchitti” to “Hey Bubba, who’s the greaseball?”

Judd is a California girl who graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in French. “Mercy Buckets, y’all.”

She attends UK basketball games, and shows up at the IRL tracks to cheer on Mr. Judd and get camera time.

She also like to act when she is wet.

It is expected that Franchitti, who has yet to drive a stock car of any kind, will get a quick course in the sport from Ganassi, who plans, according to the source, to enter him in a series of ARCA and NASCAR Busch Series races to get him up to speed.

Judd will be nowhere to be found on the NASCAR circuit. She will continue her endorsement of WaterPik and Rainy Day Car Washes.

UPDATE: Next year the Indy Racing League will not have a championship driver defending his title. Franchitti won the season championship by winning the race today.\

UPDATE: Seems that Ashley acts just like you would expect a star to act. 

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Mr. Ashley Judd Jumping to NASCAR — 7 Comments

  1. LOL…I’m not a Nacsar fanatic, but I do watch. Mostly the start and the final laps, and of course any wrecks. I’ve always liked the M&M car (it’s so cute), but Jimmy J (Johnson) is the driver I follow.

  2. Me too. I don’t watch IRL, but flipped by and looked like it was going to be a close finish – sure was!
    So the Indy Racing League Champion Driver is gone to another race series. hmmmmmm, wonder if that ever will come up in the post race interviews.