You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else

I can’t imagine any other way than blogging, that I could be exposed to such a huge variety of facts and opinions from such a huge variety of people.

This week defines for me what blogging is all about. Thanks to everyone for letting lurk in your life and sometimes even comment.

There are a large number of people that I read faithfully that didn’t get a mention.

Get over it.

Black women don’t exercise because “It’s a HAIR thing. The way Angela  Bev (I’m sorry for the earlier error) lays it all out, it makes perfect sense. Did Star Jones have this problem?

That’s right. Our hair keeps us from working out at a pace and level we should be in order to shed those unwanted pounds.

Why a black journalist is tired of using nigga. She admits to using the word, and explains why and how it bothers her.

Because hearing this word among strangers is simply embarrassing. And personally, when I’ve used it, it still sounds awful coming from my mouth — even in jest. And I’m far from being a prude. a writer dodging bullets

What does it mean to be black? This is a rant, but a well thought out one. It doesn’t answer the question, because there is no answer, read why.

Black is a personal journey that no two people will travel the same way. Now the question this guy should think about is what it means to be Afrocentric.

What the hell made that gigantic spider web in Texas when were there? Of course this was huge on all the local TV news broadcasts.

You can see how there was some confusion! After some back and forth, and more specimen collections, the consensus now is that it’s a mass group of tetragnathids.

How to make chocolate muffins with pumpkin. I loves me some chocolate muffins.

Broccoli, carrots, spinach, and blueberries, some of the foods that come to mind when you think of eating healthy. One you might not think of that’s been gaining a lot of recognition in recent years for its health benefits is pumpkin.

About Mrs. Walt Disney. She’s the one that left the money to build the Disney center in L.A. which made the architect famous or infamous depending on your POV.

You can use sump oil when you make Beagle and Broccoli Bake. I’m fattening up the neighborhood stray starting tomorrow.

Sixty – Any grade will do. In the interests of ecology, I use old sump oil. I used to use virgin olive oil, but there aren’t any left.

Erin Brockovich is still fighting for the little people, this time in Pikeville, Ohio. Still involving Chromium, like the case that Julia Roberts made famous.

Breathing in chromium in a compound like chromic acid or chromium trioxide, can cause irritation to the nose, such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, nosebleeds, ulcers, and holes in the nasal septum. Long-term exposure to chromium has been associated with lung cancer.

I don’t think I used any dirty words this week. Unless Catch Her includes hell and damn. She’ll let me know, I’m sure.

Those of you who dared to use all those dirty little words in your blogs this week are challenged to come up with a list of 50 more words that mean the same thing for each little nasty you used.

Why Mark Cuban is Dancing with the Stars. He’s there to win, but he outlines the other reasons too. I don’t watch, but I’ll be pulling for him to win.

Money makes so many things in life easier, but it can’t buy you a positive outlook on life. Fortunately, how any of us approaches each of our days is completely up to us. It’s not something you can buy or sell. It’s not hard to put a smile on your face every day, but for some reason some people find it impossible to do. Not me.

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You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else — 14 Comments

  1. ROFLOL…This would make a cool screen saver for my puter @work, but I’d be afraid they’d think I wasn’t working; laughing all the time.

  2. I apologize. I remember correcting that, but I guess I forgot to save it. Thanks for correcting me.
    The ChocoBlarty? WooHoo!!! We are a wild bunch. Chocolate muffins and Rock and Roll.

  3. Hey, I just ate 2 muffins myself, but these were made with Red Velvet Cake Mix, deep red in color but not as chocolaty as the Devil’s Food Cake mix ones, but still good. I’ve made with German Chocolate, Spice, Strawberry Cake mixes, etc. The Devil’s Food and Spice Cake Mix ones are the Best!