A Fifteen Year Old’s Birthday Blog

Ah, the turning of 15.

Not nearly as exciting as 13 or as profound as 14, and not quite the excitement of 16, but it’s older.

And for me it’s kind of…special?

‘Cause there are just a lot of things this year happening that are going…~dare I ruin my rep and say it?~ Good.

Well, I have since solved my previous boy-problems, and a now am happily chatting with him two hours a day on the phone. I will soon have ch better eyesight because I get fucking awesome eye GLASSES that are black and white rimmed and everything and on Monday I get to drive to school.

My reactions – and not intened as snarky. If they come off that way I apologize.

  • Exciting as 13?
  • Profound as 14/
  • Loss of virginity coming?
  • Eyeglasses are “fucking awesome.”


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A Fifteen Year Old’s Birthday Blog — 6 Comments

  1. You are just jealous of young people, Sixty.

    Here, have some stem cells to reduce the aging process.

  2. Nope. It’s not the toys. It’s the shit other teens put one through.
    Add 10 or 15 years to that, and you got a taker.

  3. I agree with you, Sixty – I wouldn’t go back to 15 for love nor money. Too much drah-ma. Of course, I think 11 year olds now are like I was at 14 and 15, so heck, by the time my kids are 15 and 16 they should be ready to retire.

  4. That’s the way it seemed to me – and I don’t have kids around the house like you do. We have said many times: we sure are glad we aren’t trying to raise kids today. We were 50/50 as it was.