Ahem, Recognized Expert Here, Step Aside Please

Attention boomer experts!

Let’s see, I was born in 1947, so I am a boomer.  An X is an unknown in mathematics, a spurt is a drip of water under pressure = Xspurt = unknown drip under pressure, yes that’s me.

So I qualify.

Because of your special knowledge of this group, we invite you to view an advance preview of the site and would like your input.

ahahaha, special knowledge of this group, you mean because I are one? You flatter me so. But I’ll do anything for flattery, so what’s up?

To gain access to the site, simply enter www.PreRetirementLife.com into your Web browser and use your personal password: sixty

Oh what the hell – PreRetirement could mean I got ten-twenty years to work, so why not.

Why “PreRetirement?” Because most of us won’t retire in the traditional sense anytime soon. Instead, we want to embrace personal growth, vitality, success and happiness while offering practical, trustworthy information in one convenient place to help make this life stage more rewarding.

Oh yeah, right. I will keep a job because I want to “embrace personal growth, vitality…blah, blah, blah.

How about, “I will continue to work to support my M&M habit and Best Half’s lifestyle…” If she’s happy, I’m happy.

Thanks for the note. I’ll get back to you.

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